(A)   Excess costs or damages. The permit holder shall be liable for any expense, damage or costs in excess of deposited amounts or securities.
   (B)   Original premises left unsafe. If the original building site is within the City, the City shall proceed to complete the work necessary to leaving the original premises in a safe and sanitary condition, where the permit holder does not comply with the requirements of this subchapter within the required 60 days, and after a ten-day written notice to the permit holder. The cost thereof shall be charged against the cash deposit. If the expenses that exceed the cash deposit are not paid, these costs shall be certified to the County Auditor for collection on the real property taxes.
   (C)   Remodeling not completed. If remodeling, additions or repairs specified in the permit application are not completed prior to expiration of the permit, the City may complete the work, after a ten-day written notice, with these costs charged to deposits and securities posted by the permit holder. Should these funds be insufficient to pay the costs of completion, the City may, at its option, certify the unpaid balance to the County Auditor for collection on the real property taxes, or the City may, at its option, proceed to collect the unpaid balance by an action against the person to whom the permit has been issued, or his or her superiors, as the Council may determine.
(Prior Code, § 1109.10)