Every permit holder under this subchapter shall:
   (A)   Use of designated streets. Move a building only over streets designated in the written permit;
   (B)   Notification of revised moving time. Notify the Building Official, in writing, of a desired change in moving date and hours from that proposed in the application;
   (C)   Notification of damage. Notify the Building Official, in writing, of any and all damage done to property belonging to the City or any public utility within 24 hours after the damage or injury has occurred;
   (D)   Display lights. Ensure red lights are displayed, and barriers are erected across streets, to warn and protect the public from dangers of the moving. Warning lights with open flames shall not be used;
   (E)   Street occupancy period. Remove the building from the City streets after 24 hours of occupancy upon the streets, unless an extension is granted by the Council;
   (F)   Comply with governing law. Comply with the Building Code, Zoning Ordinance and all other applicable ordinances and laws upon relocating the building in the City;
   (G)   Pay expenses of specified staff. Pay the expenses of a traffic officer ordered by the Chief of Police to accompany the movement of the building to protect the public from injury. Pay the expenses of the Building Official for walk-through inspection(s) and repairs estimate;
   (H)   Clear old premises. Remove, on any lot where a building or structure is removed, the foundation walls and basement flooring before the excavation is filled or leveled. A special exception may be made if the owner submits a letter stating that this lot will not be used for any building. After receiving the letter, the City shall make a determination of whether or not the flooring and the foundation walls may remain. If the foundation walls are to remain, they shall be leveled to a point three feet below final grade and if the flooring is to remain there shall be holes put through the flooring so that water will be able to drain through the floor; and
   (I)   Street occupancy period.
      (1)   Prior to any building being removed, review with the Building Official the procedure for disconnecting or plugging the sanitary sewer service lead and water service lead. Prior to filling the hole, contact the Building Official to inspect that the utilities connections have been properly taken care of. Also, contact all other public utilities and have them disconnect services in a proper way. This shall be done before any deposit is returned to the applicant;
      (2)   Complete promptly and within 120 days after moving, all remodeling, additions or repairs as shown on the plans accompanying the application, sufficient to secure a certificate of occupancy; and
      (3)   Level and seed the property from which a structure is removed if construction is not going to begin within 60 days from the date of building removal.
(Prior Code, § 1109.09)