The Building Official shall inspect the building and the applicant’s equipment to determine whether the following standards for issuance of a permit are met, and shall refuse to issue a permit if it is found that any one or more of the following conditions exist:
   (A)   Application requirements. The application requirements herein have not been complied with or fees have not been paid;
   (B)   Building size. The building is too large to move without endangering persons or property in the City;
   (C)   Building condition. The building is in such poor condition that it cannot be moved without endangering persons or property in the City;
   (D)   Building unsafe for proposed use. The building is structurally unsafe or unfit for the purpose proposed, if the location to which the building is to be moved is in the City;
   (E)   Ordinance or code violations. Zoning, building codes or other ordinances would be violated by the building in its new location;
   (F)   Unsafe moving equipment. The moving equipment is unsafe and that persons or property would be endangered by its use; and/or
   (G)   General endangerment. For any other reason persons or property in the City would be endangered by the moving of the building.
(Prior Code, § 1109.05)