(A)   The compensation of the Mayor and the compensation of each Council member shall be established from time to time by City Council ordinance pursuant to M.S. § 415.11, as it may be amended from time to time. Compensation shall be reviewed by the Council at least every two years. Increases in compensation must be adopted no later than August 1 in a municipal election year in order to become effective the following year.
   (B)   The salary of the Mayor shall be $500 per month. The salary for City Council members shall be $400 per month. Salaries shall be paid monthly and include payment for attendance at all meetings and committee assignments throughout the month. The City Council may authorize reimbursement or the payment of per diem to Council members, for attendance at conferences and training seminars, on an individual case-by-case basis.
(Prior Code, § 300.08) (Ord. 2.02, passed 9-2000; Ord. 2002-08, passed - -2002; Ord. 2014-05, passed 6-23-2014)