(A)   Who presides. The Mayor shall preside at all meetings of the City Council. In the absence of the Mayor, the Acting Mayor shall preside. In the absence of both, the City Clerk-Treasurer shall call the meeting to order and shall preside until the Council members present at the meeting choose one of their number to act temporarily as presiding officer.
   (B)   Procedure. The presiding officer shall preserve order, enforce any rules of procedure adopted by the City Council, and determine without debate, subject to the final decision of the City Council on appeal, all questions of procedure and order. In all procedural points not covered by this chapter, the Council proceedings shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.
   (C)   Appeal procedure. Any member may appeal to the City Council a ruling of the presiding officer. If the appeal is seconded, the member may speak once solely on the question involved and the presiding officer may explain the ruling, but no other Council member shall participate in the discussion. The appeal shall be sustained if it is approved by a majority of the members present, including the presiding officer.
(Prior Code, § 300.02)