16-109: FIRE SAFETY:
   A.   Compressed Gas: Compressed flammable gas shall not be kept or stored upon the airport, except at such place as may be designated by the airport manager.
   B.   Flammable Substances: No flammable substance shall be used in cleaning motors or other parts of an aircraft inside a hangar or other building. The floors in all buildings shall be kept clean and free from oil. Volatile, flammable substances shall not be used for cleaning floors.
   C.   Smoking: No one shall smoke, ignite a match or lighter in any aircraft tie down area, storage or maintenance hangar or in any building posted "no smoking".
   D.   Litter: No boxes, crates, cans, bottles, paper, tall grass/weeds or other litter shall be permitted to accumulate in or about a hangar.
   E.   Fire Extinguishers: At least one portable fire extinguisher shall be available within fifty feet (50') of any storage or maintenance hangar. (Ord. 1333, 1-26-1993)