A.   Any state licensee originally entering upon any occupation herein listed shall pay the license fee therefor at the office of the city treasurer on or before the date upon which he enters upon such occupation. The licensee shall provide a copy of his current state license before payment of a license fee will be accepted. All license fees shall expire on June 30 of each year.
   B.   Any state licensee carrying on his occupation in more than one location within the city limits shall be subject to the fee set out for each such location.
   C.   Upon payment of the license fee as set out, the city treasurer shall issue a receipt to the state licensee which licensee shall post in a conspicuous place on the premises wherein he carries on his occupation. The city treasurer shall also record the name of such licensee and the address where he engages in his occupation and such records shall be duly filed and kept in the permanent files of that office for at least three (3) years. Thereafter, upon approval of the city council, the records may be destroyed.
   D.   The city treasurer shall make and transmit to the Oklahoma alcoholic beverage laws enforcement (ABLE) commission an annual report covering the fiscal year showing the number and class of businesses upon which license fees were imposed, and the amount of money collected from such fees. (Prior code §§ 2-3, 2-7; amd. 2015 Code)