The cemetery superintendent, subject to the supervision and control of the city manager, shall:
   A.   Have charge of and supervision of grounds owned by the city which are used for burial purposes;
   B.   Endeavor to preserve the city cemetery from trespass by persons or animals; use reasonable diligence to prevent injury to monuments, stones, graves, fences, trees, shrubs, flowers and other improvements placed on or about the premises of the city cemeteries; shall arrange for the cutting and mowing of the grass and weeds, the cutting and removal of grass and weeds from the walks, drives, lots, plots and spaces; removal of all surplus dirt and rubbish, plant and care for trees and shrubs as required by the city manager and council; and maintain buildings connected with the cemetery and keep on hand a sufficient quantity of tools for all required duties; and
   C.   Have exclusive authority for the excavation and digging of graves within the cemetery enclosures and it is unlawful for any person to excavate or dig graves therein except with written consent of the cemetery superintendent duly approved by the city manager. (Ord. 1464, 7-14-1998)