A.   No person may deposit, or cause to be deposited, in any street or alley, any filth, garbage, ashes, rubbish, sweepings, paper, trash, leaves or any other waste materials, junk, auto parts, iceboxes, refrigerators, boxes, appliances, nor may any of the foregoing materials, other than ashes, soil, leaves, refuse from building materials, such as plaster, brick, and the like, or other suitable materials, be placed or dumped on any lot within the city. It is unlawful to place upon the sidewalks, alleys or streets any sweepings or trash from stores or other buildings, or any leaves, yard cleanings, debris from pruning or other refuse materials, except that materials designated by the city manager may be used for filling in places designated by him.
   B.   No person as owner or occupant of any premises in the city shall permit such premises to have any of the items prohibited in subsection A of this section thereon. (Prior code ch. 14)