A.   No box shall be located in an R-1 or R-2 zoning district or within two hundred feet (200') of a one- or two-family residence.
   B.   No box shall be located within one mile of an existing box.
   C.   No one applicant shall have more than five (5) boxes within the city at any given time, provided:
      1.   Boxes located on property owned or controlled by the applicant and are associated with the applicant's permanent business located within a building on the same property as the box shall not be included in the five (5) box limit.
   D.   No box shall be located on property that does not currently have a permanent business in operation on the same property.
   E.   No portion of any box shall be located within the front or side building setback, on property owned by or dedicated to the public, or located within the sight triangle of any intersecting streets or driveways.
   F.   All boxes and related vehicular and pedestrian access, parking, and maneuvering shall be located on hard surface pavement.
   G.   No required off street parking spaces may be utilized for such box, and such shall not be located in any loading lane, driving aisle, queuing area, or handicap parking space including access lane.
   H.   No box shall be larger than six feet (6') wide by six feet (6') long and stand taller than six feet (6').
   I.   All boxes shall be clearly marked with the name and phone number of the applicant and shall state whether donation is "tax deductible" or "nontax deductible", provided:
      1.   Required markings shall be in a font that is easily readable with letters being at least four inches (4") tall;
      2.   Required markings shall be located on the front of each box with the front being the side where the box has an opening for donations.
   J.   All items for donation shall at all times be fully maintained within the box. No accumulation of items, trash, or debris outside of box shall be allowed.
   K.   All boxes shall be constructed of all weather type material and regularly maintained (e.g., repainted/repaired) by the applicant such that they remain in a like new condition. (Ord. 1729, 11-11-2014)