A.   No one shall place or allow to be placed any donation box outside of a building within the city limits without first obtaining a business license to do so from the city's licensing agent.
   B.   Application for a business license shall be made through the city's licensing agent prior to the placement of any box. In addition to the application, the applicant shall submit a site plan and written permission from the property owner. The site plan should show the proposed location of the box and its relationship to property lines, easements, parking areas, and any buildings located on the property. The written permission should include the property owner's name, legibly printed, dates the property is to be used, and to whom permission is being granted. The written permission shall also be signed and dated by the property owner. Once the complete application is submitted and approved, a business license shall be issued to the applicant in accordance with the regulations found below.
   C.   All boxes will be issued a city decal with an approved business license. Decals shall be placed on the front upper right corner of each box with the front being the side where the box has an opening for donations/collections. Each decal shall state the expiration date of the license and have a unique number that can be used for tracking purposes.
   D.   Donation boxes shall not require a business license if one of the following conditions exist:
      1.   Box is located on private property owned or controlled by the applicant and is associated with the applicant's permanent business located within a building on the same property as box; or
      2.   Box is sponsored by or under contract with the city and located on public property.
   E.   Boxes not requiring a business license are still subject to the regulations found below. (Ord. 1729, 11-11-2014)