A.   Before any license for a transient merchant or peddler as herein provided, shall be issued, such applicant shall file with the city an instrument nominating and appointing the city treasurer, his true and lawful agent with full power and authority to acknowledge service of notice of process for and on behalf of the applicant in respect to any matters connected with or arising out of the business transaction under the license and the bond given as required by this chapter, or for the performance of the conditions of the bond or for any breach thereof, which the instrument shall also contain recitals to the effect that the applicant for the license consents and agrees to service of any notices or process applying for the license under this chapter, according to the laws of the state or any other state and waiving all claims or right of error by reason of such acknowledgment of service or manner of service.
   B.   Immediately upon service of process upon the city treasurer, the city treasurer shall send to the licensee at his last known address, by registered mail, a copy of the notice. (Prior code § 5-11)