A.   All applicants for licensing or registration shall be immediately referred to the city treasurer and by him or other persons acting in his stead, investigated as to the truth thereof. The city treasurer shall have ten (10) business days within which to investigate and take action thereon.
   B.   If the city treasurer finds no past history of the applicant indicating violations of this section and that the application is properly made and truthful he shall forthwith advise the applicant. The city treasurer shall issue a license, upon payment of the fee therefor and the filing of the required bond to the approved applicant and shall approve the completion of registration by a contribution solicitor.
   C.   In all matters of denial by the city treasurer of the license or registration, the applicant shall be forthwith advised thereof and the application shall be referred to the council and considered by it at its next regular meeting. The applicant shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard at such meeting. (Prior code § 5-8)