A.   Applicants for a peddler's license under this chapter, whether a person, firm or corporation, shall file with the city treasurer a written application signed by the applicant, if an individual, by all partners, if a partnership, or by the president if a corporation, showing:
      1.   Name and address of person or persons having the management or supervision of the applicant's business during the time that it is proposed to be carried on in the city; the location or address of such person or persons when engaged in such business; the permanent address or addresses of such person or persons, the capacity in which such person or persons will act; the name and address of the person, firm, or corporation for whose account the business will be carried on, if any, and if a corporation, under the laws of what state the same is incorporated;
      2.   The place or places in the city, where it is proposed to carry on applicant's business and the length of time during which it is proposed that the business shall be conducted;
      3.   Place or places, other than permanent place of business of the applicant, within six (6) months next preceding the date of the application where the applicant has conducted a transient business; and
      4.   A statement of the character of the goods, wares or merchandise to be sold or offered for sale by the applicant in the city, whether the same are intended to be sold from stock in possession or from stock in possession and by sample, such other reasonable information as to the identity or character of the person or persons having management or supervision of applicant's business or the method or plan of doing business as the city treasurer may deem proper to fulfill the purpose of this chapter in the protection of the public good. (Prior code § 5-6)