A.   The regulations and licensing requirements of this chapter shall not apply to:
      1.   Any sales under court order;
      2.   A bona fide auction sale;
      3.   Traveling salespersons, commercial travelers or the like who exclusively or primarily sell to retailers or solicit orders for future delivery from retailers;
      4.   The sale of farm, garden, artistic or hobby products by the person producing or creating the same;
      5.   The sale of a newspaper subscription in which the seller is a person engaged in both the delivery and sale of the newspaper;
      6.   Sales of items at less than one dollar fifty cents ($1.50) per item;
      7.   Contribution solicitation where the person being solicited to contribute personally knows the identity of the persons soliciting the contribution or the name of the group or organization he represents and the nature of the services performed or offered by the group or organization;
      8.   The seasonal sale of Christmas trees; and
      9.   The occasional sale of admission by school students to a function of their school. (Prior code § 5-4; amd. Ord. 1431, 3-25-1997)