8-501: Definitions
8-502: Litter In Public Places
8-503: Placement Of Litter In Receptacles So As To Prevent Scattering
8-504: Sweeping Litter Into Gutters Prohibited
8-505: Merchants' Duty To Keep Sidewalks Free Of Litter
8-506: Litter Thrown By Persons In Vehicles
8-507: Truckloads Causing Litter
8-508: Litter In Parks
8-509: Litter In Lakes And Fountains
8-510: Throwing Or Distributing Commercial Handbills In Public Places
8-511: Placing Commercial And Noncommercial Handbills On Vehicles
8-512: Depositing Commercial And Noncommercial Handbills On Uninhabited Or Vacant Premises
8-513: Prohibiting Distribution Of Handbills On Premises Properly Posted
8-514: Distributing Commercial And Noncommercial Handbills At Inhabited Private Premises
8-515: Dropping Litter From Aircraft
8-516: Posting Notice Prohibited
8-517: Litter On Occupied Private Property
8-518: Owner To Maintain Premises Free Of Litter
8-519: Litter On Vacant Lots
8-520: Offensive Littering
8-521: Political Advertising On Rights Of Way
8-522: Disposing Of Refuse In Containers Belonging To Other Users Prohibited, Penalty
8-523: Penalty