A.   The provisions of 11 Oklahoma Statutes section 22-111 and all subsequent amendments thereto are hereby adopted for the cleaning and mowing of trash and weeds. For purposes of this chapter, the terms trash and weeds shall have the definitions respectively assigned to them by said law. Notice of the hearing to determine whether trash or weeds should be cleaned or mowed shall be given concurrently by posting a copy of the notice on the property affected and by mail to the property owner without necessity for publication. Said notice may be given concurrently with notice of other hearings on the condition of the property or dilapidated buildings thereon and may include additional notice of summary abatement, if anticipated.
   B.   The city manager or his designee is hereby authorized to carry out the duties of the city council for the cleaning and mowing of trash and weeds, and for the assessment of costs incurred in the abatement thereof. The city manager may continue a hearing from time to time for the convenience of the parties. An appeal from any order of the city manager may be taken by filing written notice of appeal with the city clerk within ten (10) days after the order is rendered. (Ord. 1746, 12-8-2015)