A.   If judgment of conviction is entered, the Clerk of the Court shall tax the costs to the defendant, which costs shall not exceed the maximum allowable under State law for such costs, plus the fees of witnesses or jurors. The amount of fine may not exceed the amount set out in section 1-108 of this Code.
   B.   The court may order a defendant to provide restitution to the victim, according to a schedule of payments established by the court, together with interest upon any pecuniary sum if the defendant agrees to pay such restitution or, in the opinion of the court, if he is able to pay such restitution without imposing manifest hardship on the defendant or his immediate family and if the extent of the damage to the victim is determined with reasonable certainty.
      1.   If the defendant receives probation, any such order for restitution shall be made in conjunction with probation and shall be made a condition of the suspended or deferred sentence.
      2.   The Municipal Court Clerk shall be responsible for the monitoring and administration of the restitution program. (Ord. 1592, 11-23-2004)
   C.   A Municipal Court technology fee shall be and is hereby established in the amount of ten dollars ($10.00). The fee shall be in addition to and not in substitution for any and all costs, fees, fines or penalties otherwise provided for by law and assessed on every citation disposed of in the Municipal Court except seatbelt, standing and parking and those that are voided, declined for prosecution, dismissed without costs, or the defendant is acquitted. The revenues generated by this fee shall be used solely and exclusively for the acquisition, operation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of data processing equipment and software related to the administration of the Municipal criminal justice system and the costs of prosecution. The currently established bond schedule in place of the Municipal Court shall be increased by ten dollars ($10.00) across all citations to accurately reflect the addition of this technology fee. (Ord. 1790, 6-25-2019)