A.   If, after conviction, judgment of imprisonment is entered, a copy thereof, certified by the clerk, shall be delivered to the chief of police, the Sheriff of the County or other appropriate police officer. Such copy shall be sufficient warrant for execution of the sentence.
   B.   All prisoners confined to jail on conviction or on plea of guilty may be compelled, if their health permits, to work on the public streets, avenues, alleys, parks, buildings, or other public premises or property. For each day of such work, the prisoner shall be credited for serving two (2) days of imprisonment under his sentence.
   C.   The Chief of Police, subject to the direction of the City Manager, shall direct where the work shall be performed. The head of the department in charge of the place where the work is to be performed, himself, or by some person designated by him, shall oversee the work. If a guard is necessary, the Chief of Police shall make provision therefor. (Prior Code § 12-49)