A.   If, without sufficient excuse, a defendant fails to appear according to the terms or conditions of his bond, either for hearing, arraignment, trial or judgment, or upon any other occasion when his presence in court or before the magistrate may be lawfully required, the judge may direct that fact to be entered upon the court minutes, thereby declaring the bond to be forfeited. Without advancing court costs, the judge shall then cause the forfeiture to be certified to the district court of the county where situs of the municipal government is situated, where it shall be entered upon the judgment docket and shall have the full force and effect of a district court judgment. At such time as the forfeiture is entered upon the district court judgment docket, the district court clerk shall proceed in accordance with the provisions of 59 Oklahoma Statutes sections 1332, 1333 and 1335, and a surety shall have all remedies available under the provisions of 22 Oklahoma Statutes section 1108 and 59 Oklahoma Statutes sections 1301 through 1340. Court costs shall be collectible from the proceeds of the bond. (1985 Code; amd. 2015 Code)
   B.   A prosecution in a court provided for herein shall be a bar to prosecution in another court for the same or a lesser included offense. (1985 Code)