The city clerk, or a deputy designated by him, shall be the clerk of the court. He shall assist the judge in recording the proceedings of the court and in preparing writs, processes and other papers. He shall administer oaths required in proceedings before the court. He shall enter all pleadings, processes, and proceedings in the dockets of the court. He shall perform such other clerical duties relating to the proceedings of the court as the judge shall direct. He shall receive and receipt for forfeitures, fines, deposits, and sums of money payable to the court. He shall pay to the treasurer of this city all money so received by him, except such special deposits or fees as shall be received to be disbursed by him for special purposes. All money paid to the treasurer shall be placed in the general fund of the city, or in such other funds as the city council may direct, and it shall be used in the operation of the municipal government in accordance with budgetary arrangements governing the fund in which it is placed. (Prior code § 12-14)