Section 11-4 Recall Election: How Held.
   a. The recall election shall be an election to fill the office held by the incumbent sought to be recalled. There shall be no primary. Any qualified person, including the incumbent, may file as a candidate for the office. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes in the recall election shall be elected. If a candidate other than the incumbent is elected, the incumbent shall be recalled from office effective as of the time when the result of the election is certified. The successful candidate must qualify within one (1) month thereafter; and if he fails to do so, the office shall be vacant, and the vacancy shall be filled as other vacancies in the offices of mayor and councilmen are filled. A candidate thus elected and qualifying shall serve for the unexpired term. If the incumbent is a candidate and receives the greatest number of votes, he shall continue in office without interruption; and recall proceedings may not again be initiated against him within one (1) year after the election.
   b. The provisions of this charter relating to city elections shall also govern recall elections insofar as they are applicable and are not superseded by the provisions of this article. (Amendment adopted March 1986)