Section 3-5 Library Board.
   1. There shall be a library board, which shall be head of the library department. It shall consist of five members appointed by the city manager for overlapping terms of five years and to serve until their successors have been appointed and take office; and the term of one of the members shall expire at 7:30 o'clock P.M. on the first Monday in May every year. The city manager may remove a member for the good of the service, and he may fill vacancies for the unexpired terms. Members shall serve without compensation; and
   2. The library board shall have supervision and control of the public library or libraries of the city, and shall appoint the librarian or librarians and all other subordinates; provided that the board may authorize a librarian to appoint his subordinates. The library board may adopt regulations for the administration and operation of the library or libraries, subject to ordinances which the council may enact.