Section 3-3 City Manager: Powers And Duties.
   The city manager shall be chief executive officer and head of the administrative branch of the city government. He shall execute the laws and ordinances and administer the government of the city, and shall be responsible therefor to the council. He shall:
   1. Appoint, and when necessary for the good of the service, suspend, demote or remove all heads of administrative departments and other administrative officers and employees of the city except as he or the council by ordinance may authorize the head of a department, an officer or an agency to appoint and suspend, demote or remove subordinates in such department, office or agency, subject to such merit system regulations as the council may ordain;
   2. Supervise and control, directly or indirectly, all administrative officers, agencies and employees;
   3. Prepare a budget annually and submit it to the council, be responsible for the administration of the budget after it goes into effect, and recommend to the council any changes in the budget which he deems desirable;
   4. Submit to the council a report at the end of the fiscal year on the finances and administrative activities of the city for the preceding year;
   5. Keep the council advised of the financial condition and future needs of the city, and make such recommendations as may seem to him desirable; and
   6. Perform such other duties as this charter may prescribe and such duties as the council may prescribe, consistent with this charter.