For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   CENTRAL VILLAGE COMMERCIAL AREA. The area of the town adjacent to the east and west side of NC 12, generally between 1174 Duck Road and 1264 Duck Road, where the paved roadway section includes a 4 to 7 foot wide shoulder, which is directly contiguous to the vehicular travel lanes of NC 12, that is designed for use by pedestrians, bicyclists, and other human powered devices.
   ELECTRIC PERSONAL ASSISTIVE MOBILITY DEVICE. A self-balancing non-tandem two-wheeled device, designed to transport 1 person, with a propulsion system that limits maximum speed of the device to 15 mph or less and which are exempt from registration pursuant to G.S. § 20-51(14).
   GOLF CART. A vehicle designed and manufactured for operation on a golf course for sporting or recreational purposes and that is not capable of exceeding speeds of 20 miles per hour. The definition is republished here for convenience only and the definition set out in G.S. § 20-4.01, as amended from time to time, is controlling for all purposes.
   MOTORIZED VEHICLES. Every vehicle which is self-propelled and every vehicle designed to run upon the highways which is pulled by a self-propelled vehicle, which term shall include golf carts but shall not include mopeds or electric assisted bicycles.
   MULTI-USE PEDESTRIAN PATH. A concrete or asphalt path that is at least 8 feet in width, situated adjacent to NC 12 but not contiguous with the roadway, that is constructed for the use of pedestrians, bicyclists, electric personal assistive mobility devices, and other non-motorized vehicles.
(Ord. 10-12, passed 12-1-2010; Am. Ord. 11-05, passed 6-1-2011; Am. Ord. 18-03, passed 3-7-2018; Am. Ord. 18-04, passed 4-4-2018)