(A)   Generally.
      (1)   The garbage collection schedule will be established by the town and changed as conditions warrant from season to season.
      (2)   Bulk containers or rollout carts which are obstructed or not properly positioned when the truck passes will not be collected until the next regularly scheduled pickup date.
      (3)   Lids must be fully closed when in use.
   (B)   Containers required. All refuse shall be placed in approved containers.
   (C)   Access to containers.
      (1)   Routes for access and collection of residential solid wastes and recycling shall be improved and maintained for the safety of solid waste collectors.
      (2)   Access routes shall not be obstructed.
      (3)   Service will not be provided when dogs or other animals interfere with collectors.
   (D)   Large items/bulk pickup.
      (1)   On days determined by the town, bulky wastes shall be placed near but not upon the improved portion of the street in a manner that allows convenient pickup of the bulky waste with equipment designed for large, bulky items.
      (2)   This service does not include the pickup of building materials, roofing, soil, rock, concrete, tree stumps, refrigerators and other items or material containing substances classified as hazardous waste.
   (E)   Placement of rollout carts.
      (1)   On the day of collection, unless otherwise provided by this chapter, it shall be the responsibility of the property owner to position rollout carts for collection. Rollout carts shall not be placed for collection before 5:00 p.m. in the evening prior to the day of collection.
      (2)   Rollout carts must be placed for pickup within the street right-of-way and within 4 feet of the improved portion of the street, but not within the vehicular travel way or drainage ditch stormwater management feature of any street.
      (3)   Public sidewalks. Refuse and trash contained in approved refuse receptacles may be placed on the curbside on the day of collection so long as it does not unreasonably interfere with pedestrian traffic. However, no refuse receptacle may be placed upon the Duck Trail or other public multiuse path.
      (4)   Following collection, rollout carts shall be removed from the street right-of-way no later than 10:00 p.m. on the day of collection.
      (5)   The property owner shall also be responsible for the removal and proper storage of rollout carts. When not scheduled and placed for pickup, rollout carts must be securely stored at least 25 feet from the improved portion of the street.
(Ord. 04-08, passed 5-5-2004; Am. Ord. 23-03, passed 4-5-2023)