(A)   Citizen complaints.
      (1)   Upon receiving complaints from local citizens that the Implementation and Enforcement Plan is not being properly administered and enforced, the Duck Town Council will investigate the situation and respond to the alleged deficiencies.
      (2)   If the person making the complaint is not satisfied, then he or she will be advised that he or she may take their complaint either in writing or in person to the CRC.
   (B)   Response to the CRC.
      (1)   Upon notification from the CRC concerning deficiencies in administration and enforcement of the plan, the Town Council will investigate the alleged problem and prepare a response for the CRC.
      (2)   If the allegation of deficiencies is found to be valid, the Town Council will, within 30 days of the original notifications from the CRC, inform the CRC of its willingness and ability to correct the deficiency and prevent similar problems in the future.
      (3)   If the Town Council finds the CRC’s allegation of deficiencies invalid, they will so inform the CRC.
      (4)   If the CRC disagrees with that finding, the Town Council may request a hearing before the CRC or in some other manner attempt to reach a mutually acceptable agreement with the CRC within a 90-day period after receipt of the CRC’s original notification of the 90-day period, then the authority to issue permits for minor development pursuant to this plan shall be automatically relinquished until a time as the CRC is convinced that the program will be properly enforced.
(Ord. 06-03, passed 5-3-2006)