(A)   General enforcement.
       (1)   The Local Permit Officer shall administer and enforce in duly designated AECs; the Minor Development Permit process as herein established, as well as all applicable local ordinances and all other guidelines and standards established by the Coastal Resources Commission (CRC) and the Town of Duck pursuant to the Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA), being G.S. §§ 113A-100 et seq.
      (2)   In addition the Local Permit Officer shall:
         (a)   Be familiar with existing state and federal permits required in this jurisdiction so as to provide aid to potential developers in determining when a major development permit rather than minor development permit is required, and to aid the developers in applying to the CRC when a major development permit is required, and in general, aid applicants in regard to other state or federal permit requirements;
         (b)   Assist in identifying and assessing projects of greater than local concern and bring them to the attention of the CRC (projects of regional, state or national concern are almost certain to require some other state permit and, therefore, require a major development permit from the Commission. Therefore, they will usually be brought to the attention of the Commission through the major development permit application);
         (c)   Be responsible for implementing any procedures agreed on by the Town Council to which this plan applies for the purpose of coordinating the CAMA Minor Development Permits with other locally required permits. The locally required permits include, but are not limited to, plumbing permits, electrical permits, building permits, septic tank permits, floodplain or sand dune permits and certifications of compliance with zoning and subdivision regulations;
         (d)   Be responsible for implementing any enforcement procedures, actions or standards that the Town Council may wish to enforce in regards to the adopted Land Use Plan or revision thereof; and
         (e)   Assist in coordinating permit-letting activities with other local jurisdictions as necessary.
   (B)   Records.
      (1)   The Local Permit Officer shall prepare a quarterly summary of all permit applications and their disposition from the immediately preceding quarter, to be presented to the Town Council for the Town of Duck, to the CRC and to the Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR).
      (2)   Correct and comprehensive records of all transactions related to minor development permit requests (applications, grants, denials, other dispositions) shall be maintained by the Local Permit Officer, and those records shall be kept so long as any part of the structure or entity to which it relates remains in existence; or, in the case of denials or other instances, for a period of 10 years.
      (3)   From date of receipt and acceptance of application and/or decision on an application, the Local Permit Officer must, within 5 workings days, mail and/or submit copies of same to the appropriate field consultant or the nearest field office of the Division of Coastal Management.
   (C)   Location.
      (1)    The Local Permit Officer shall be located in the Town of Duck, Planning Zoning and Inspections offices, located at 1200 Duck Road, Duck, North Carolina and can be reached at (252)-255-1234.
      (2)   The mailing address is:
Local Permit Officer
Town of Duck, Planning Zoning and Inspections Department
P.O. Box 8369
Duck, NC 27949
      (3)   The Commission shall be notified immediately of any change in the location of the Local Permit Officer.
(Ord. 06-03, passed 5-3-2006)