For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ADOPTED LAND USE PLAN. The Town of Duck Land Use Plan prepared and adopted by the Town of Duck and approved by the Coastal Resources Commission (CRC) pursuant to the Coastal Area Management Act Part 2, being G.S. §§ 113A-100 et seq.
   AREAS OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERN (AECS). Areas designated by the CRC, in which development shall require a minor or major development permit.
   COASTAL AREA MANAGEMENT ACT (CAMA). The law that relates to the management program for orderly growth in the coastal area of North Carolina as adopted by the General Assembly in 1974.
   COASTAL RESOURCES COMMISSION (CRC). The Coastal Area Management Act , being G.S. §§ 113A-100 et seq., established the Coastal Resources Commission within the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
   DEVELOPMENT. Any activity in a duly designated area of environmental concern involving, requiring or consisting of the construction or enlargement of a structure; excavation; dredging, filling; dumping; removal of clay, silt, sand, gravel or minerals; bulkheading, driving of pilings; clearing or alteration of land as an adjunct of construction; alteration or removal of sand dunes; alteration of the shore, bank or bottom of the Atlantic Ocean or any sound, bay, river, creek, stream, lake or canal.
   IMPLEMENTATION AND ENFORCEMENT PLAN. The Local Management Program for the implementation and enforcement of Minor Permit requirements within Areas of Environmental Concern and the policies of the adopted Land Use Plan within the Town of Duck.
   LOCAL PERMIT OFFICER. The locally designated official(s) who will administer and enforce the Minor Development Permit program in Areas of Environmental Concern and the policy requirements of the Land Use Plan over the entire planning area of the Town of Duck.
   MAJOR DEVELOPMENT. Any development, which requires permissions, licensing, approval, certification or authority in any form from the North Carolina Environmental Management Commission, the North Carolina Department of Human Resources, the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the North Carolina Department of Administration, the North Carolina Mining Commission, the North Carolina Pesticides Board, the North Carolina Sedimentation Control Commission or any federal agency or authority; or development which occupies a land or water area in excess of 20 acres; includes a structure or structures in excess of a ground area of 60,000 square feet on a single parcel; or which contemplates drilling for or excavating natural resources on land or under water.
   MINOR DEVELOPMENT. Any development other than a major development.
   TOWN. The Town of Duck.
(Ord. 06-03, passed 5-3-2006)