§ 154.01 PURPOSES.
   The purposes of the implementation and enforcement plan are to establish:
   (A)   Procedures to be followed in issuing minor development permits in Areas of Environmental Concern within the Town of Duck jurisdictional limits, including methods of coordinating with other local permits;
   (B)   Scope and coverage of the program including the geographic extent of jurisdiction of the local management program;
   (C)   Responsibilities and capabilities of permit-letting agencies; including a description of the criteria to be used in choosing the Local Permit Officer;
   (D)   Methods of identifying and taking into account projects and impacts of regional, state and national concern where applicable;
   (E)   Procedures to ensure that the program is consistent with the adopted Land Use Plan for the entire jurisdiction; and
   (F)   Relates other governmental action in regards to the adopted Land Use Plan and provides procedures for assuring consistency of action.
(Ord. 06-03, passed 5-3-2006)