A.   Every person driving a bicycle shall ride in the right hand through lane of the roadway except under any of the following conditions:
      1.   When driving a bicycle in a bicycle lane;
      2.   When preparing for a left turn;
      3.   When reasonably necessary for safety;
      4.   When overtaking and passing on the left of another vehicle;
      5.   When on a one-way street, driving in the left through lane; or
      6.   When driving on a sidewalk as permitted by section 7-7-18 of this chapter.
   B.   If any person drives a bicycle so slow as to impede or block the normal and legal forward movement of traffic proceeding immediately behind such vehicle, then such person shall drive within the right four feet (4') of the street until such impeded traffic has passed by, except when reasonably necessary for safety. A person driving on a one-way street may satisfy this requirement by driving in the left four feet (4') of the street.
   C.   A bicycle may be driven on a paved shoulder if such driving does not violate any section of law for passing or direction of traffic. (Ord. 48-09, 9-21-2009)