1113.05  EASEMENTS.
   (a)   Drainage Easements. Where a subdivision is traversed by a water course, drainage way, channel, storm conduit, or stream there shall be provided to the Village, a storm water or drainage easement conforming substantially with the lines of such water course and containing such additional width as required.
   (b)   Roadside Easements. Easements ten (10) feet in width shall be provided adjacent to each side of and contiguous with all proposed rights-of-way. Such easements shall be usable for any and all utilities.
   (c)   Lot Line Easements. Easements at least ten (10) feet in width shall be provided along all rear and side lot lines for utilities and drainage.
   (d)   Access Easements. Where subdivisions are adjacent to schools, parks, or other public facilities, access easements shall be provided to those facilities where deemed appropriate by the Planning Commission. Such an access easement shall be a minimum of twenty (20) feet in width, and side yard setbacks for adjacent lots shall be measured from the easement.
(Ord. 98-28.  Passed 9-1-98.)