Subdivisions which meet all of the criteria for classification as a minor subdivision as set forth in Section 1101.08, may be approved by the Planning Commission in accordance with the following procedures and without referral to Village Council.
   (a)   Submission. The subdivider shall prepare and submit an application for approval which shall include:
      (1)   A completed minor subdivider application form;
      (2)   Eight (8) copies of legal descriptions and survey plats for the property prepared by a registered surveyor; and
      (3)   A filing fee as established by Council.
   Applications for minor subdivisions shall be submitted at least ten (10) working days prior to the Planning Commission meeting at which it is to be considered.
   (b)   Planning Commission Action. The Planning Commission shall take action on the minor subdivision application within thirty (30) days of the date said application is filed with the Zoning Inspector. The Commission shall indicate its approval by placing an approval stamp signed by the Mayor on two (2) copies of the plat and deeds. None of the improvements described in Chapter 1117 or the guarantees set forth in Chapter 1121 shall be required for recordation of the plat and deed.
   (c)   Recordation. One (1) copy of the stamped plat and deeds shall be returned to the applicant for recordation with the County Recorder and County Auditor. The other copy shall be retained in the records of the Zoning Inspector.
(Ord. 98-28.  Passed 9-1-98.)