(a)   Submission. The subdivider shall prepare and submit an application for approval of a final plat. Said application shall be filed with the Zoning Inspector at least fifteen (15) working days prior to the Planning Commission meeting at which it is to be considered. All applications for final plat approval shall include:
      (1)   A completed application form;
      (2)   Original tracing and twelve (12) copies of the final plat and supplementary information;
      (3)   Original tracing and six (6) copies of required construction plans;
      (4)   A cost estimate for installation of required improvements prepared and signed by a registered engineer;
      (5)   A letter signed by the subdivider describing any additional waivers requested which were not reviewed with the preliminary plat; and
      (6)   Plat review fees and deposits as established by Village Council.
   The final plat shall be not be considered officially filed until it has been examined by the Planning Commission and found to be in full compliance with the provisions of this section.
   (b)   Submission Limitations. All final plats shall be subsequent to and substantially in conformance with a previously approved preliminary plat and shall have incorporated all changes or modifications required by the Planning Commission. The final plat shall be filed not later than twelve (12) months after the date of approval of the preliminary plat; otherwise, it will be considered void unless an extension was previously granted by the Commission.
   Final plats may constitute only that portion of the approved preliminary plat which the subdivider proposes to record and develop at the time. Subdivisions may be submitted for final approval in consecutive sections provided that a preliminary plat has been approved for the entire subdivision and that improvement plans for any section include all improvements determined by the Village Engineer as required to support said section even when said improvements are located beyond the limits of the section.
   (c)   Transmittal and Review. Upon receipt of an application for final plat approval, the Zoning Inspector shall transmit copies of the proposed subdivision plat to the appropriate Village, County, and other officials and agencies and to such planning and engineering consultants as may be determined by the Planning Commission for review and comment.
   (d)   Planning Commission Action. The Planning Commission shall take action on the final plat within sixty (60) days after the same has been determined to be officially filed. The Commission may conditionally approve, or disapprove said plat. If disapproved, the grounds for disapproval of the final plat shall be stated on the record of the Commission, including the reference to the regulation violated by the plat, and a copy of said record of the Commission shall be forwarded to the subdivider. Subdivider shall make necessary correction and resubmit the final plat within thirty (30) days to the Commission for its approval. If the final plat and construction plans are acceptable, the subdivider shall be notified of conditional approval of the plat by the Commission. Said conditional approval by the Planning Commission shall constitute authorization to install improvements in accordance with the approved construction plans.
   (e)   Completion of Improvements. Upon receipt of conditional approval from the Planning Commission, the subdivider shall either install all required improvements and submit "as built plans" based upon inspection records and information obtained by a registered surveyor, or provide an approved performance guarantee for said improvements in accordance with Chapter 1121. Said action shall be completed within twelve (12) months from the date of the Commission's conditional approval or said approval shall be null and void unless said time period is extended by the Commission for good cause.
   (f)   Final Record Plat Approval. Upon the subdivider's compliance with subsection (e) hereof, the final plat shall be presented to Village Council for approval of the dedication to the Village for public use of rights-of-way, easements, and park lands. Such approval shall be for dedication purposes only and shall not constitute acceptance or final approval of the improvements required to be installed by the subdivider. Upon approval by Council, the Mayor and Village Clerk shall sign the final record plat.
   (g)   Recordation. Upon receipt of recording fees from the subdivider, as set forth in the fee schedule established by Council, the Village shall place the plat on record with the County Recorder and County Auditor. Upon recording, the tracing of the final plat shall be permanently filed with the Village.
(Ord. 98-28.  Passed 9-1-98.)