The following rules and regulations shall be in full force and effect for the use of the Village park, to-wit:
   (a)   General Rules and Regulations.
      (1)   Except in the case of public events or by special permission first obtained by the Village Park Board, the park shall close at 10:00 p.m.
(Ord. 6-72.  Passed 6-20-72.)
      (2)   The consumption or possession of intoxicating liquors, malt beverages and illegal drugs shall be absolutely prohibited.
(Ord. 84-10.  Passed 6-19-84.)
      (3)   No person shall maliciously destruct or damage any of the property in the park.
      (4)   All persons shall refrain from using the football field without school approval.
      (5)   All persons using the park shall deposit all rubbish and garbage in the receptacles provided.
      (6)   All persons shall be prohibited from having animals in the park.
(Ord. 94-14.  Passed 10-18-94.)
      (7)   Parking in authorized areas only.
      (8)   No part of the park shall be used as a public thoroughfare for vehicles.
      (9)   All fires in said park must be confined to designated areas only.
(Ord. 6-72.  Passed 6-20-72.)
   (b)   Court Rules and Regulations.
      (1)   No bikes, skates, roller blades, skateboards, or motor vehicles of any kind or permitted on the basketball or tennis courts.
      (2)   The basketball and tennis courts shall be used for their intended use only.
      (3)   The first violation of subsection (b) hereof shall result in a warning.  The second violation of subsection (b) hereof shall result in the skates, skateboard, bike or motor vehicle being confiscated and held for a period of thirty days and then returned to the offender.  A third violation of subsection (b) hereof or a violation of any other provision of this section shall be fined a maximum of fifty dollars ($50.00) for each offense.
(Ord. 97-23.  Passed 5-6-97.)