(a)   The purpose of this section is to eliminate debris from entering the roadway and the municipal separate storm sewer system of the Village. It is hereby declared:
      (1)   Debris deposited on streets entering the storm water system may:
         A.   Enter waters of the State;
         B.   Cause pollution to waters of the State;
         C.   Result in a violation of National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit as a result of entering said waters of the State;
      (2)   Grass clippings and other yard wastes can contain herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals that are potentially damaging to riparian habitats;
      (3)   Grass clippings deposited on the roadway cause a hazard to passing two-wheeled motorists and bicyclists.
   (b)   A person shall not deposit, place, dump, throw, or leave, or cause or permit the dumping, depositing, placing, throwing, or leaving of, any material, rubbish, refuse, waste material, garbage, offal, paper, glass, bottles, trash, grass clippings, yard waste, or other debris not specified herein, on any street within the Village.
   (c)   Any debris immediately adjoining or abutting a parcel shall be prima facie evidence of a municipal civil infraction, subject to payment of civil fines as set forth in Section 212.08. Continued and repeat offenses shall be subject to increased fines as set forth in Section 212.08.
(Ord. 2020-02. Passed 1-11-21.)