“Applicant.” An applicant for a conditional rezoning shall mean the property owner, or a person acting with the written and signed consent of the property owner.
   “Rezoning conditions.” Conditions proposed by the applicant and approved by the Village as part of a conditional rezoning under this section, including review and recommendation by the Planning Commission, may include land uses permissible in the zoning district for which the conditional rezoning application is made, dimensional requirements of the proposed zoning district, infrastructure and utility requirements for the proposed development, energy conservation measures, open space provision within the proposed development, preservation of natural resources, donation of land for public purposes, landscape and bufferyard requirements, and other conditions deemed important to the proposed development by the applicant. Applications for conditional rezoning shall not increase the intensity of use for the proposed rezoning district.
   “Conditional rezoning agreement.” A written agreement between the Village and the property owner, mutually agreed to by both parties, and which sets forth the conditions for the proposed rezoning.
(Ord. 2015-2.  Passed 7-13-15.)