284.01 PURPOSE.
   The placement of public art adds to the unique character and quality of life of a community. Public art can play a part in strengthening civic identity and community, and create a cultural economy. Arts and culture can enliven, awaken, and stimulate a space and the people in and near that space.
   Public art can be the foundation for the creation of a “sense of place.” Placemaking promotes health, happiness and wellbeing. Developing a sense of place helps people identify with their region and with each other and thus creates a sense of community. When public art is part of placemaking, creative industries grow, populations and jobs stabilize, and residents and businesses are attracted.
   Through this chapter, the Village of Dimondale seeks to provide opportunities for public art, which further Dimondale’s goal of placemaking and stimulate the local economy.
(Ord. 2015-3. Passed 6-8-15.)