In addition to any use limitations applicable in the district in which it is located, no home occupation shall be permitted unless it complies with the following criteria:
   (a)   Not more than one person, other than members of the immediate family permanently residing on the premises, shall be employed on a full-time or part-time basis in the home occupation.
   (b)   The total number of home occupations conducted within a dwelling unit is not limited, except that the cumulative impact of all home occupations conducted on the premises shall not exceed the performance standards described herein.
   (c)   Unless otherwise provided for herein, a home occupation shall be conducted entirely within the dwelling unit or an accessory building and shall not occupy more than 50% of the combined total floor area of the dwelling unit and accessory buildings on the premises, excluding any unenclosed areas such as decks and open porches, etc.
   (d)   Unless otherwise provided herein, no alteration of the buildings or premises shall be made which changes the residential character and appearance thereof.
   (e)   Unless otherwise provided for herein, there shall be no outside operations, storage or display of products, materials, goods, supplies or equipment associated with the home occupation.
   (f)   Not more than one truck and no more than one trailer which will each individually fit within a standard parking space are permitted on the premises or on any adjacent residentially zoned area. The truck may not be a tow-truck. A home occupation shall not involve the use or storage of truck tractors, semi-trailers, pole-trailers or heavy equipment such as, but not limited to, fuel trucks, logging or construction trucks or equipment.
   (g)   Unless otherwise provided for herein, any need for parking generated by the home occupation shall be met off street and accommodated within the existing residential parking layout.
   (h)   The home occupation shall not result in or cause vehicular traffic that will create a nuisance to abutting properties or be detrimental to the residential character of the neighborhood. Unless otherwise provide for herein, a home occupation shall not generate more than an average of one truck delivery per day.
   (i)   No mechanical, electrical or other equipment which produces noise, electrical or magnetic interference, vibration, heat, glare or other nuisance outside the residential or accessory structures shall be used.
   (j)   No home occupation shall be permitted which is noxious, offensive or hazardous by the generation or emission of noise, vibration, smoke, dust or other particulate matter, odorous matter, heat, humidity, glare, refuse, radiation or other objectionable emissions.
   (k)   Unless otherwise provided for herein, no sign, other than one unlit sign not over four square feet in area attached flat against the building and displaying only the occupant's name, address and occupation, shall advertise the presence or conduct of the home occupation.
   (l)   Home occupations shall comply with all local, state or federal regulations pertinent to the activity pursued and the requirements of or permission granted by this section shall not be construed as an exemption from such regulations.
   (m)   The sale of merchandise shall be limited to products manufactured or substantially altered on the premises or to incidental supplies connected to a permitted home occupation (i.e. a beautician's sale of hair care products).
(Ord. 2004-2. Passed 12-13-04; Ord. 2008-1. Passed 2-11-08; Ord. 2008-5. Passed 8-11-08.)