The Town Center parking provisions are designed to be consistent with the purpose of the District to facilitate pedestrian circulation through the District and to closely regulate the need for direct automobile access to each establishment for both pedestrian safety and general aesthetics.
   (a)   The parking space requirements of Section 1288.09 shall apply to uses in the Town Center District. However, consistent with the purpose of the District and a recognition by the Village of the need for additional, off-site parking facilities (both public and private), space requirements may be met through a combination of on- and off-site parking spaces meeting the following conditions. Adjoining lots may propose a joint use of parking areas pursuant to Section 1288.08, with paving extended to the property line.
      (1)   Parking spaces for customers or residents must be located within 500 feet of the use, as measured along probable pedestrian travel paths. Where a portion of an off-street parking lot or a contiguous series of on- street parking spaces fall within the 500-foot area, all of the spaces within the lot or the series of spaces shall be counted.
      (2)   The parking spaces must be available at all times consistent with the anticipated peak parking demands of the proposed use.
   (b)   The applicant shall submit a parking plan study demonstrating compliance with these parking standards. The parking plan study shall include existing traffic volumes passing on all streets abutting the proposed development during the peak hour, projected peak-hour generation rate and peak hours of generation for the proposed development and a statement of the total impact the projected generations will have on the existing level of service and parking as determined and certified by a registered engineer. The study shall be validated by the Planning Commission or by a consultant retained by the Planning Commission. Exceptions to this requirement will be site plans or plats that will generate less than 3 vehicle trips per unit per peak hour or 50 vehicle trips per peak hour. The generation of trips shall conform to the methods specified in the current edition of the Trip Generation Manual, a publication by the Institute of Transportation Engineers.
   (c)   Applications for a building and/or occupancy permit to expand a building or to convert or extend the use of a building which would result in an increased parking demand shall also require a parking plan study be submitted according to the provisions and exceptions listed in division (b) above.
   (d)   The off-street loading areas shall be provided as required by Section 1288.12, except that a single loading area may be shared by two or more uses which are individually required to maintain an off- street loading area. This practice is encouraged whenever such use is practical, and when all requirements for location, design and construction are met. A copy of an agreement between the joint owners of an off-street loading area shall be recorded with the Eaton County Register of Deeds and the Village Manager. Such agreements shall guarantee the long-term use and maintenance of the parking facility by each party.
(Ord. 2001-5.  Passed 11-12-01.)