1281.01 PURPOSE.
   (a)   The Town Center District is designed and intended to promote a blend of pedestrian accessible commercial and residential uses. The district will provide for a wide range of retail, commercial, office, civic and residential uses which may be concurrent within the same building. The Town Center District is intended to provide and promote attractive development while at the same time protecting and maintaining existing mature and/or historic areas of the community. A central characteristic of the Town Center is its focus on pedestrian activity. This activity helps to create a unique social environment where people can gather and enjoy the friendly atmosphere, attractive landscaping and greenery and a diversity of retail shops.
   (b)   The provisions of this District are intended to encourage the planned development of pedestrian amenities and open space, and closely regulate the need for direct automobile access to each establishment. Also important in the development of the Town Center is the concept of mixed-use development, which is defined as the combination of commercial and residential land uses within the same building and/or on the same lot. Since the Town Center contains a limited geographic area for expansion, the mixed-use development is an important tool for expanding both housing and shopping opportunities available in the Town Center.
(Ord. 2001-5. Passed 11-12-01.)