The following uses shall be permitted by right:
   (a)   One-family dwellings;
   (b)   Customary accessory uses and buildings provided that such uses and buildings are incidental to the principal use. Any accessory building or use shall be located on the same lot with the principal building. Accessory uses shall include additional supplementary uses, including accessory buildings, as stipulated in Section 1294.06.
   (c)   Nameplates and signs as provided in Section 846.04;
   (d)   Off-street spaces as specified in Chapter 1288; and
   (e)   Family day care homes and adult foster care family homes.
(Ord. 2003-7. Passed 1-12-04; Ord. 2009-7. Passed 12-14-09; Ord. 2010-5. Passed 1-10-11.)