1268.01 PURPOSE.
   (a)   The R-1A One-Family Rural Residential District is established to allow for the development of residential properties of a semi-rural character with larger lots within areas of the Village and to provide for limited agricultural uses. The District includes existing low density one-family properties as well as areas within which such development appears both likely and desirable.
   (b)   (1)   In order to avoid the intrusion of undesirable uses and to foster all possible benefits for a continued high quality residential environment, all nonresidential land and structure uses in the District, as well as other residential districts in this Zoning Code have been classified into three categories:
         A.   Those uses permitted by right;
         B.   Those uses permitted under special conditions;
         C.   Those uses permitted by special permit.
      (2)   The latter classification has been established to facilitate the inclusion within the District of certain nonresidential uses that have been generally accepted as reasonably compatible with one-family neighborhoods, but that present potential injurious effects upon residential and other property, unless authorized under specific and controlled conditions.
(Ord. 89. Passed 4-10-72; Ord. 2010-5. Passed 1-10-11.)