(a)   The boundaries of these districts are hereby defined and established as shown on a map entitled “Zoning District Map of the Village of Dimondale, Eaton County, Michigan,” which accompanies this Zoning Code, which Map, with all explanatory matter thereon, is hereby made a part of this Zoning Code.
   (b)   The Zoning Map shall be identified by the signature of the President, attested by the Clerk and bearing the following words: “This is to certify that this is the official Zoning Map referred to in Section 1266.02 of the Village of Dimondale Zoning Ordinance, adopted on April 11, 2011.”
   (c)   If, in accordance with the provisions of this Zoning Code, changes are made in district boundaries or other matter portrayed on the Zoning Map, such changes shall not be considered final and building permits shall not be issued until changes have been made on the Zoning Map. Such Map changes shall be made within three normal working days after the effective date of the ordinance amendment. Each such change shall be accompanied by a reference number on the Map, which number shall refer to the official action of Council.
(Ord. 92-1. Passed 1-13-92; Ord. 92-2. Passed 6-8-92; Ord. 2011-1. Passed 4-11-11.)