For the purpose of promoting the public health, safety, morals, convenience and general welfare, the area within the Village is hereby divided into the following districts:
   R-1A   One-Family Rural Residential District
   R-1B   One-Family Low Density Residential District
   R-1C   One-Family Medium Density Residential District
   R-1D   Medium Density Residential District
   R-M1   Multiple-Family Residential District
   B-1   Business District
   B-2   Highway Service District
   TC   Town Center District
(Ord. 89. Passed 4-10-72.)
   (EDITOR'S NOTE: The M-1 Industrial District was eliminated by Ordinance 2001-10, passed December 10, 2001. The A-1 Agricultural District was eliminated by Ordinance 2010-6, passed January 10, 2011.)