1264.07 APPEALS.
   (a)   Filing. Appeals to the Board of Appeals may be made by any person aggrieved, or by any officer, department or board of the Village. Any appeal from the ruling of the designated Village officer(s) concerning the enforcement of the provisions of this Zoning Code may be made to the Board within ten days after the date of the mailing of the Village officer's decision which is the subject of the appeal. Such appeal shall be filed with the Clerk. The appellant shall submit a clear description of the order, requirement, decision or determination for which the appeal is made and the grounds for the appeal on an application provided by the Clerk. The appellant may be required by the Board of Appeals to submit additional information to clarify the appeal. The Clerk shall transmit to the Board of Appeals copies of all papers constituting the record upon which the action appealed was taken.
(Adopting Ordinance)
   (b)   Stay. An appeal shall stay all proceedings in furtherance of the action appealed from, unless the designated County and/or Village officer(s) certifies to the Board after notice of appeal has been filed with him or her that by reason of facts stated in the certificate a stay would, in his or her opinion, cause imminent peril to life or property, in which case the proceedings shall not be stayed otherwise than by a restraining order, which may be granted by the Board or, upon application, by a court of record.
   (c)   Fees. A fee as established by Council shall be paid to the Secretary at the time of filing the application with the Board. The purpose of such fee is to cover, in part, the necessary advertisements, investigations and other expenses incurred by the Board in connection with the appeal.
(Ord. Unno. Passed 9-13-76; Ord. 2001-9. Passed 12-10-01.)