The following shall apply in the issuance of any building transmittal:
   (a)   Required.  The excavation for any building or structure shall not be commenced, the erection of, addition to, alteration of or moving of any building or structure shall not be undertaken, any land shall not be used or an existing use of land shall not be changed to a use of a different type or class, until a building transmittal has been secured.  Except upon a written order of the Board of Appeals, no such building transmittal shall be issued for any building or use of land where the construction, addition, alteration or use thereof would be in violation of any of the provisions of this Zoning Code.
   (b)   Application Requirements.  There shall be submitted with all applications for building transmittals one copy of a site layout or plat plan, drawn to scale, showing:
      (1)   The location, shape, area and dimension of the lot;
      (2)   The location, dimensions, height and bulk of the existing and/or proposed structure to be erected, altered or moved on the lot;
      (3)   The intended uses;
      (4)   The proposed number of sleeping rooms, dwelling units, occupants, employees, customers and other users;
      (5)   The yard, open space and parking space dimensions;
      (6)   Any other information deemed necessary by the proper officer(s) to determine and provide for the enforcement of this Zoning Code.
   (c)   Voiding of Transmittal.  Any transmittal granted under this section shall become null and void after ninety days from the date of granting such transmittal, unless the development proposed shall have passed its first building inspection.  Before voidance is actually declared, the proper officer shall notify the applicant of such voiding action by sending a notice to the applicant before such voidance is effective.
   (d)   Building Permits.  Upon receipt of a building transmittal, the applicant shall procure a building permit and all related permits from the appropriate Eaton County office and/or the State of Michigan.  These permits shall be subject to all rules and regulations as determined by the County or the State.
   (e)   Inspection.  The development or usage proposed by any building transmittal or permit shall be subject to such periodic inspections as may be required by the Village, the County and the State.  Failure of the permit holder to make a proper request for inspection shall result in a stop work order upon notification by the proper officer.
   (f)   Fees.  Fees for inspection and the issuance of permits or certificates required under this Zoning Code shall be collected by the proper officer in advance of issuance.  The amount of such fees shall be established by Council and/or Eaton County and shall cover the cost of inspection and supervision resulting from the enforcement of this Zoning Code.