(a)   Master Plan. The Planning Commission shall make and approve a Master Plan as a guide for the development of the Village following the direction and requirements identified in the Zoning Act. Adoption of the Master Plan is subject to final endorsement by the Village Council. At least every five years after adoption of the Master Plan, the Planning Commission shall review the Plan and proceed with any necessary amendments.
   (b)   Capital Improvements Program. A capital improvements program for public structures and improvements shall be prepared annually. The program shall identify, in the general order of priority, those public structures or improvements that will be needed and can be undertaken within the ensuing six-year period. A street, park, public way or open space or public building or structure shall not be authorized for construction unless the project has been approved by the Planning Commission. If the Planning Commission disapproves, the process described in the Zoning Act shall apply.
   (c)   Annual Report. An annual written report shall be made to the Village Council concerning the Planning Commission’s operations and the status of planning activities.
   (d)   Other. Other powers and duties associated with the Planning Commission are described throughout Part Twelve of this Code of Ordinances.
(Ord. 2009-5. Passed 11-9-09.)