Pursuant to M.C.L. 67.4, the village hereby authorizes the sale of real property owned by the village.
   (a)   Any real property owned by the village, excluding any part of a public park, may be sold by public sale. The sale may be by sealed bids or a public auction, as determined by the Village Council. The notice of sale by sealed bids or public auction shall meet the requirements set forth in Section 1080.01. By resolution authorizing the sale of such real property, the Village Council shall establish an amount to be deposited with the Village Clerk and such other evidence that the bidder can close the transaction, as the Village Council may determine. The Village Council may hold the deposits of up to three bidders until the time of closing to ensure that the property will be sold.
   (b)   When determined to be in the best interest of the village, the Council may sell any real property, excluding land designated as a public park, by private sale. The Village Council may sell the property and establish the terms and conditions, including the asking price for the property, in a commercially reasonable manner. In determining a proposed selling price, the Village Council is hereby authorized to rely upon the opinion of its assessor, a licensed real estate broker, or some other person the Council believes has sufficient expertise to provide an unbiased and knowledgeable opinion as to the fair market value of the property being sold by the village.
(Ord. 2005-3. Passed 9-12-05.)