After the confirmation of any such special assessment roll, it shall be the duty of the Clerk to certify the said assessment roll, together with the resolution of confirmation, to the Treasurer, commanding him or her to collect from every person assessed in said special assessment roll the sum of money assessed to and set opposite his or her name therein.  The said taxes or assessment shall become payable and due in equal annual installments, the number of which shall be determined by Council.  The first installment shall become payable in the month of September next after any such assessment roll shall have been confirmed, along with the Village taxes and annually thereafter until fully paid.  Interest on all of the said taxes and assessments shall be charged at a rate established by the Treasurer and the Council, payable annually, the same to start thirty-one days from and after the date of the confirmation of any such assessment roll by Council.  Any such person against whom any such tax or assessment shall have been assessed shall be at liberty to pay the same or any installment thereof in one payment at any time after such assessment roll shall have been certified to the Treasurer, with interest only from the date that interest becomes chargeable as herein prescribed, provided that at any time after a special assessment has become payable, the same may be collected by suit in the name of the Village against the person assessed in an action in any court having jurisdiction of the amount.  In every such action, a declaration upon the common counts for money paid shall be sufficient.  The special assessment roll and a certified order or resolution confirming the same shall be prima facie evidence of the regularity of all the proceedings in making the assessment and the right of the Village to recover judgment therefor.